“Useless Bhawra”: Pragati Nagpal’s Heartfelt Melody Unites Towns and Hearts

Pragati Nagpal had been eagerly awaiting the release of her debut track- ‘Useless Bhawra’, under the aegis of Saregama. The song was not just another project for her; it was a labor of love, a melody woven with her deepest emotions and experiences.

Meanwhile, the anticipation in Pinjore was at its peak and the entire town was abuzz with excitement as they eagerly awaited the release of Pragati’s new song. In a heartwarming gesture of gratitude and love, Pragati, affectionately known as ‘Pinjore ki Pragati,’ decided to express her appreciation to her beloved town and arranged for laddoo boxes to be distributed to every household in Pinjore, a small token of her immense gratitude for their unwavering support and love.

The song, with its vibrant wedding vibe quickly gained momentum, climbing the charts and becoming the talk of the town. Larger-than-life-representations of Pragati were spotted across prominent locations in different cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh including a QR code link to the song that also added on to the overall fervour dedicated to the release of the newest single.

With its catchy tunes and soulful lyrics, ‘Useless Bhawra’ continues to be a wedding song, uniting people in its melody and spreading joy wherever it went.

As Pragati basked in the success of her song, she couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the love and support she had received from both her family and her town. With a heart full of gratitude and a soul brimming with joy, Pragati looked forward to the journey ahead, knowing that with the love of her fans and the blessings of the divine, there was no limit to what she could achieve.

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