How To Boost Your Kid’s Development?

It is important for parents to understand that every kid is unique and they need to be supported and guided accordingly

BY: Pankaj Bansal

All parents aspire for their children to grow up as successful adults. The formative years are important, as this is the time when kids witness rapid progress in social, emotional, cognitive (intellectual) and physical development. Every kid is hard-wired differently and they have varying aptitudes and interests. The pace of learning is also different with each child. Here are some tips and suggestions that will help parents to boosttheir kid’s overall development.

Build a sense of trust and security

It is important to develop strong emotional bonds with your kid. This way, your kid will find it easier to trust and believe what you are saying. They will feel free to express themselves and ask questions. All of these will create a healthy environment for your kid’s development.

Promote social interactions

Wherever possible, let your kid spend time with other children in the neighborhood. You can also enroll your kid in playgroups, where they can take part in various activities along with other kids. They will learn how to bond and communicate with others and work as a team. Learning to connect with other children will boost your child’s overall development.

Focus on cognitive skill development

It is important that your kid starts to learn decision making, critical thinking, problem solving and creative thinking skills at an early stage. This can be achieved through various age-appropriate games, puzzles, toys and activities. Let them learn to tackle challenges on their own, as far as possible.

Encourage them to explore their world

During the formative years, your kid will be taking in a lot of information on a daily basis. Be with your kid, as they explore the world around them. Encourage your kid to ask questions, so that they can clear their doubts and confusions.

Promote language development

Language skills are a key part of a child’s overall development. You can read various stories to your kid and also encourage them to read regularly on their own when they reach the appropriate age. Asking your kid to express themselves via handwritten notes can also boost language development.

Ensure good nutrition and physical activities

Someone once said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. And that is quite true. You need to inculcate healthy eating habits in your child. This can be a challenge in today’s age, but never forget that healthy habits are crucial for your child’s development. Also ensure that your kid is spending adequate time in physical activities.

Practice what you preach

Children learn a lot of things from their parents. Your behavior and actions are likely to be emulated by your kid. Make sure you practice good values such as honesty, kindness, respect, resilience, etc.

Celebrate their achievements

When you notice that your kid is making significant efforts in any activity or if they have achieved something, a pat on the back becomes necessary. It will boost your kid’s self-esteem and encourage them to do even better. However, also remember to set realistic goals. Do not over burden the kid with your grand expectations.

How Kid Development programs can help?

In today’s fast-paced world, many parents do not get to spend adequate time with their kids due to their professional commitments. Many parents are also not sure about how to achieve the best development of their kids. In such cases, it would be better to enroll your child for special child development programs run by specialized organizations. Some options that parents can consider include Abacus Academy, Step By Step Nursery School, Ardee School, The Magic Years, Euro Kids and Kangaroo Kids.

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