Dangerously Thrilling: Extreme Sports for Adrenaline Junkies

By Saswat Mishra

Story Highlights
  • Playing sports keeps us fit, but some people not only play to stay fit, but to also boost their excitement and adrenaline.
Playing sports keeps us fit, but some people not only play to stay fit, but to also boost their excitement and adrenaline. And as Billie Jean said, “Champions keep playing until they get it right. Then they play more.” Therefore, some people play until they are tired of playing and not because they win or lose. Here are some extreme sports for such high-adrenaline adventurers:

Cave Diving

One of the dangerous sports that adventurers explore underwater caves. There are high chances of risk like low visibility, lighting failure, air loss and predators in the sea. Therefore, participating in this sport is like a reminder to sign the life insurance form before diving into the sea caves.

Wingsuit Flying

The higher version of adventure through sky diving is the wingsuit flying. Rather than just free falling, you also glide along with the wind with suit which makes you fly. The only danger falls when you have to land. Because, while sky diving, you don’t need to control yourself with the wind and land with the parachute opened in the midair. However, while flying, you need to stabilize your body with the wind direction and land gradually.

Heli Skiing

Skiing requires a lot of practice and balance when attempted to practice in the mountains. However, the control and the balance are more dangerous to handle you are connected to a helicopter with a harness. The lose of balance can lead to the helicopter dragging you till the base in an uneven position that can be dangerous.

Volcano Boarding

Climbing or trekking a volcanic hill is initially tiresome as it requires a lot of agility and energy to climb a hill and that too, a very steep one. As you reach the top, you get a thin plywood to board down the hill. The steep height makes it dangerous to descend with the thin board for a person, which is why a person needs to maintain its balance.

Ice Climbing

Holding ice on our hands makes it go numb, right? Well, there’s a sport that makes us climb the frozen waterfall, which is known as ice climbing. Much as dangerous as the rock climbing, the climb needs to be done with full agility and energy and should remain intact the whole climb. However, during ice climbing, the disadvantage is the holding support. These are the few dangerous extreme sports that require high adrenaline and adventure seeking youth and individuals who have the spirit to win these sports with their energy and optimism.

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