Brand with Elegance & Class…STORY of MAUVE STORY



Where tradition meets contemporary, the story of The Mauve Story begins. In fact this story is just as fascinating as the story of the discovery of mauve colour by the eighteen year old English chemist Sir William Henry Perkin in 1856. Before that only blue, red and black ruled. But while Perkin was on a scientific voyage, the creators of Mauve Story were on a creative trip. Perkin’s discovery was accidental, he was looking for quinine to treat malaria but stumbled upon the rich, beautiful mauve colour that revolutionized the fabrics industry.

Whereas Suchi Wadhwa and Neetu Duggal, the brains behind Mauve Story began this enterprise as a well thought out, inspired endeavour; culmination of the constant observations, learnings and study of style trends worldwide of the well travelled fashion conscious duo. Simply put Mauve Story showcases Suchi and Neetu’s collective inspirations and yearnings. The thought behind Mauve Story was borrowed from Perkin though – to revolutionize the fashion industry.


This is the brand which is showcasing now the Western connect with Indian Feel inside Pre Bridal and Ceremonial Wardrobes in Feminine Style and Class. Mr. SANDEEP WADHWA whose heading and Adding the creative concepts in Mauve Story brand collections adds, that while desigining every Wardrobe in their collection, they think of adding tint of Colors and Feminie class which definitely attracts Customers and Clients too.


Recently, Mauve Story Designs were Endorsed by Miss India International 2018 SANVI ARORA and Television Actress ANYSHA PATEL, who came specially from Mumbai to shoot the best of collections from MAUVE STORY BRAND. Both added that Mauve collection is really unique and attractive and every women should opt for their wardrobes for any party or ceremonial moods.



By Nikhil | Pr Agency RWM Mumbai

Creative by Raizel, Photography by Raghveer

Production by F2B STUDIOS FILMS