The Pageant made me more confident and outgoing…

Sanvi Arora | Miss India International 2018 Winner

Sanvi Arora , The fame and name these days hitting Fashion industry with oomph attached to her persona and giving strokes to heartbeats following her-watching her, made India & her family proud by winning the renowned Title of Miss India international 2018.

Sanvi Arora

She is mentored by Renowned Trainer-Mentor-Motivator as well as The Queen maker Mrs. Rita Gangwani madam who trained many winners from pageants gifted to country at International platform, she taught her how to be a women of substance and still is training her and making her ready for upcoming projects from Industry. She has followed her dreams and made Indian women feel that with will, wish and determination and proper training – anyone can achieve anything. She is the Barbie face of India which Miss International Pageant talent team has searched and recognised it with millions of heart filled wishes, opening her doors for opportunities for future in Bollywood and Fashion Industry. Her mother , Sunita arora stated – she is has been always following Preity Zinta and now she follows Priyanka Chopra, following such Bollywood Actresses aura she used to train herself and now she won the Title of Miss India International 2018, mother busted into tears and felt proud on her while saying this… Now, Sanvi is back to Delhi , she already started getting calls from named producers directors from industry, she has started doing projects for many brands and is associated with India’s named PR agency Red Water Media and under the guidance of Director-Filmmaker & Famous ex-Celebrity Photographer Nikhil Bhatnagar, So now see what all comes from Tinsel Town towards her and hope 2018-19 brings this lady Barbie something bloomy in her Bollywood bag.